Alert: Ex-Democrat Just Gave Trump Major Props; Here’s What He Said

(Liberty Bell) – Something you don’t often hear the obviously Democrat controlled mainstream media talk about is how many folks have jumped ship during Trump’s administration, leaving behind the ways of the Democratic Party to fully embrace the principles of the GOP after seeing what their own party, which has been hijacked by progressive radicals, really wants to do to this country.

The reason they don’t want you to hear of stories like that is because, much like hearing a Christian’s testimony about Christ, it could lead to others converting, and that’s the last thing the Democratic Party wants to happen. No, they want to keep folks comfortable right where they are, dedicated to voting for the same old party of big government, high taxes, and empty promises.

So when a person like Rep. Jeff Van Drew, a former Democrat from the very liberal state of New Jersey, comes out and gives President Donald Trump praise, you can guarantee it’s going to cause the left in the media and the Democratic Party to lose their minds.

According to BizPacReview, Van Drew actually praised Donald Trump and thank him for contributing the many gains of the Republican Party in last week’s election.

Van Drew, appearing on “Fox & Friends,” said, “It’s like, they have that saying, ripping the Band-Aid off and seeing what’s underneath.”

“[Trump] did that and he showed the seamy side, quite frankly, of politics,” the former Democrat added.

Van Drew’s decision to leave the Democratic Party was due mostly to the fact that folks in his party wanted him to vote for impeachment, whether he really believed the president was guilty of the crimes he was being accused of or not. Van Drew noted that one of the county chairmen that if he wanted to move forward in his political career, he’d have to vote to impeach.

He met with President Trump who encouraged him to switch parties, which he did shortly thereafter.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the Democratic Party is really like. It’s not enough to be loosely liberal. You have to be in total lockstep with their complete and total agenda. Every single talking point. If you aren’t, then they’ll oppose you, work to “cancel” you. Shoot, with friends like that, who needs enemies, right?

Van Drew later on noted how Trump has created a new GOP, one that is far more concerned with getting to know the average working person and building a relationship with them.

“This new Republican Party is about really having that relationship with the average, everyday person, with real people, making sure that we have government that works for them, that we don’t just keep increasing taxes, that we don’t just keep pushing more and more programs that don’t really, in the end, help anybody but bureaucrats,” Van Drew stated.

This is very much the truth. Donald Trump exploded the whole paradigm of modern politics, which is precisely what this country desperately needed. The voices of average citizens weren’t being heard. Politicians only cared about making their own bank accounts fat rather than serving their constituents.

The president changed all that. The establishment in both parties loathes this change in the system they’ve leeched off of for years, which is why they want so desperately to be rid of Trump.

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    • You are the traitor….let know me know how you feel if Biden wins and you end up eating from a garbage can…ask the people in Cuba and Venezuela…you are brainwashed by the fake news and the socialist democrat party..

    • Is all you have an ad hominem attack, no facts, no ideas, no rational thought, no support for your opinion? I feel sorry for you. I just hope, for the sake of the country, that all Biden “supports” are not as jaded as you. Fortunately I don’t think they are.

  1. I couldn’t agree more with Jeff Van Drew. The present day Dems seem to really hate this country and the people in it. How any of them get elected to anything is a real puzzle. On the other hand they have gotten to be really efficient election riggers. So maybe that explains everything.

  2. Yes let him move to Venezuela. I been in Colombia and talked to Venezuelans displaced. Engineers very smart waiting tables in Medellin and they hate the communist regime. That was a great country with beautiful people. They cant get even basics of food. So that ass wipe needs to move over there and talk his shit. Not try ruining one of the greatest countries in the world. And brw another Experiment is Argentina. Look whats happening there. They were once a powerhouse. Ruined by the commies.

  3. The scales may have fallen from Jeff Van Drew’s eyes, which is highly commendable, but we still have a long way to go! We can begin by resurrecting the Attorney General’s List of Subversive Organizations & Individuals, and heading up the list would be the Democrat Party! ANY organization which pays homage to the likes of Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Saul Alinsky is by its very nature hostile to the Constitution and particularly the Bill of Rights, and should be treated as the domestic enemy which it truly is! Democrats should NEVER have been allowed anywhere near high political office, and should be hounded and harassed incessantly like they have hounded and harassed President Trump, until such time as their terms expire, their resignations are submitted, or their impeachments and removal from office are acquired! Remember payback because it’s coming!

  4. The truth will hurt all the time, but it’s great to hear someone who was on the other side of the fence give The 45th President some acknowledgement. History will record what we all see as conservatives in America that this President love America and will never sell us to CCP, global leaders and special interest group. He is the hardest working President in my life time, rain or shine, testing positive for Covid-19, pushing for a Covid 19 vaccine in record breaking time that some of the expert said could not happen because it would not be effective. Now we have a vaccine ready for distribution in less that a year. Where are the nay Sayers? The demrats, mark my word will take credit for this vaccine if they get away with stealing this election blatantly right under our nose.

    • How many names do you go by Elaine? Trump is an effing traitor and fascist, and you are ignorant, he has only hurt this country with his anger, hatred, refusal to accept results, constant blaming, 22000 lies, insulting, alienation of our allies while sucking up to many dictators, blaming, whining, stealing, money laundering and holding rallies with most people without masks that and his other actions have caused many negligent homicides with many more to come. He doesn’t care about you, me or anyone, even family, just himself, as he is also a traitor.

  5. Great article on Van Drew! Great to hear people speak up about our great President Trump! Van Drew has good principles and how inspiring to see this in today’s political climate!

  6. Amen! Great to see politicans stand for truth & liberty. Its not about agendas of any party. Politicans should take their oaths seriously to defend & protect the Constitution, America from foergin & demoestic treats @ home & abroad.
    Founding Fathers never intended for a two party system in goverance. Its was always about sovernity of a nation & the liberties of WE THE PEOPLE! They knew, if America ever got to the place we are right now, we would no longer would be free.
    AMERICA, we are there. Socialism have been creeping in slowly, if the traitors did it all at once the people would not stand for it. You know the story of putting a frog in warm water, turning up the heat slowly, frog do not know they were being boiled to death. Well, its happened to you the everyday Joe who works hard to pay their bills, freedom to choose & think for themself, without Government & politicans
    drunk on power.
    What we witnessed in the House of Congress was an agenda to destroy freedom of our democracy the last 4 years.
    We now have politicans who are criminal telling us on both sides of the parties we are to stupid to know what’s best for you. Our young men ran towards the evil thats in Washington, D.C., to keep us free from Tyrrany at home & abroad. The last 4 years
    in full view the destruction of YOUR FREEDOMS, Everyday Joe. Evil will ALWAYS Control, lies, destroy the truth & tell you
    we will take care of you with more laws, less freedoms. Its called socialism.All the while more laws passed to keep Americans under their thumbs, while they pass laws that make themself rich & the working class & the poor are pushed down into dependency of government, while they fly around in their private jets, live in gated million dollar homes, like rock stars!!! What happened to you were to serve your country & go home?
    You can hate me for standing up to the thugs in the PEOPLE’S GOVERNMENT, just remember when the government heel is on your neck & America is another Cuba, Venezuela, Russia or China it will be to late…..whats happening is pure EVIL!
    At this point the only thing that can save this nation is God .
    We had a man in the White House, who loved the America people & this nation. Has done more in 4 years than any other President, he was hated for putting you first, the politicans were being exposed.
    Was he rough around the edges, maybe, but he was a business man, he got things done, unlike politicans, who has taken & destroyed freedom.
    It’s breath of fresh air when politicans does whats right, in spite of a party.
    Thank you Van Drew!🇺🇸 True Patriot.
    Sorry if that offends you, truth is truth.
    God help us!

    • Brian, you are in desperate need of professional help or a permanent address change to Venezuela or Cuba…places more suited for your mental illness…


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