Alert: Democrats Release Their Latest Draft Of Articles Of Impeachment — And Here’s What’s Happening Monday…

(Liberty Bell) – This is really happening.

It’s not a dream—it’s real life.

The Democrats have decided to see out the end of the Trump presidency by celebrating his permanent ban from the virtual public square and impeaching him when he’s got significantly less than two weeks left in office.

Why on earth, you might ask, are they even bothering?

Thanks to a stolen election, their candidate is getting sworn into office pending nothing short of a miracle next week.

They’ll have control of the White House and both chambers of Congress.

They are getting away with slandering the millions upon millions of Americans who doubt the legitimacy of the election that is disenfranchising their votes as violent insurrectionists when the vast majority are entirely law-abiding and peaceful.

The mainstream media, their corporate stenographers, are happily chirping away their gleeful celebration.

Why impeach?

Well, dear patriots, the reason is as sickening as it is simple: it’s so that Trump can never run for president again if they manage to successfully impeach.

The Senate wouldn’t even vote on such an impeachment until after Biden takes office.

CNN’s Manu Raju received a copy of the latest draft of the articles of impeachment, which are meant to be formalized on Monday.

Welcome to the new term.

On Saturday, the Bannon War Room discussed this latest development:

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  1. “Where is the Puppet Master Obama”? “He sure as hell had enough to say before the organization selection/election”! “Pelosi was born with horns”! “She acts a though she wants President Tru to leave the earth, maybe she will propose a Bill on that and have it Passed along with the other HATEFUL rhetoric she spews”! “Quote me, I am Protected by THEMIS”!

  2. I saw a discussion on OAN that the time line doesn’t match the speech with the breech of the capital meaning they were already going through the barriers way b4 the speech was completed and it is a 45 minute walk from where the speech took place to the capital building so there is no way Trump unsighted that situation which he only called for a peaceful protest and March so conservatives are not allowed to protest mostly peaceful

  3. Can you say double standards? How long would Biden last against impeachment proceedings being judged by the same standards, which he has long failed to do, many times. The speaker of the house has shown multiple times that she violated the rules by calling for violence. During the whole Democratic National Convention not one mention of the riots, looting and murders prompted by the murder of George Floyd which was vigorously condemned on both sides of the political spectrum. All while Democrat after Democrat using their public platform called out for violence against members of the President’s cabinet and Republican legislators… All that has transpired will not allow them to now attempt to take the moral high-ground!!! The second impeachment is more of a sham then the first failed attempt!

  4. What heinous crimes are they so afraid he may expose that they have wasted millions of dollar to remove him? Five years and all they have done is attack him and done basically zero for the citizens. They have made the major cities they control so unbearable people are fleeing to Red states with the same utopian foolishness that has destroyed the cities they leave. It adds credence to the idea that leftism is a mental illness.

    • The crimes they are most afraid of are the ones they created and covered up. Maybe mister Trump never made all the right decisions but he is the first president in years to make decisions. What did Obama do played golf worked on his game when it came to anything that mattered for the county they had to chase him down on a golf course. We need more leadership just like that don’t do anything in 8 years but sell us out to foreign powers and play golf. We need leaders like Biden open the borders fuck we can’t care for our own so let every piece of crap come to America so we can do even less for our country. Democunts what we need running our country.

  5. Nothing! Lily-liveried RINOs accept Pelosi as the second coming! The few true Republicans who might object to the obvious double standard will be shouted down and otherwise ignored by what should be called, not RIMOs, but RepublicRATS!


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