Alert: Democrats Are Coming For Your Guns And What They Just Did To This St. Louis Couple Is Proof

(Liberty Bell) – The First Amendment is one of the most critical, foundational rights we have been given directly from the hand of God, but if we want to preserve it, along with the rest of our constitutional rights that make liberty possible in our nation, then we absolutely need the Second Amendment.

The right to bear arms is essentially the liberty from God to defend ourselves against criminals and tyrants who wish to harm us or take the property that belongs to us. In our current day and age, the radical left has launched brutal attacks against both the concept of self-defense and the ownership of property, both evidenced by the treatment of a couple in St. Louis is receiving after they brandished firearms as a means of defending their property from Black Lives Matter protesters who illegally entered their gated community and threatened their property.

Via Breitbart:

A grand jury indicted Mark and Patricia McCloskey Tuesday on charges related to their June 28, 2020, use of guns to keep protesters away from their home.

KSDK reports that the grand jury indicted the McCloskeys on “exhibiting a weapon and tampering with evidence.”

Breitbart News reported that Mark held an AR-15 and Patricia held a handgun on June 28, in hopes of deterring protesters from damaging their home or property.

Video of the couple standing outside their home went viral:

Breitbart News reported an investigation was opened against the McCloskeys on June 30, just two days after they stood with guns to protect their property.

The New York Post quoted St. Louis Prosecutor Kimberly Gardner saying, “I am alarmed at the events that occurred over the weekend, where peaceful protestors were met by guns.”

She added, “We must protect the right to peacefully protest, and any attempt to chill it through intimidation or threat of deadly force will not be tolerated.”

But the Hill reported Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R) believed the McCloskeys did that which was lawful, that they “did what they legally should do.”

Parson said, “A mob does not have the right to charge your property. They had every right to protect themselves.”

He suggested that he would pardon the McCloskeys if they were charged for their use of firearms.

Parson used a July 18, 2020, tweet to say, “We will not allow law-abiding citizens to be targeted for exercising their constitutional rights.”

The Founding Fathers recognized that one of the most important chains they could place on the federal government would be to enable the populace of this great nation to have the means to defend themselves and their property in case tyrants took over. A tyrant isn’t just a government body or elected officials.

Criminals are tyrants too. They seek to take away our liberty and freedom by stripping us of our lives and property. BLM protesters have been doing that very thing now for months. How many businesses have been burned to the ground since the death of George Floyd? How many billions of dollars of destruction have taken place in the name of this movement?

And now the left wants to take away our right to protect our property from people who wish to destroy it? Unacceptable.


  1. A2 is the foundation upon which the US Constitution stands.

    Destroy A2: Game Over

    The remaining Constitution topples like dominos.

  2. Very few attorneys have the acumen to successfully litigate Constitutional cases.
    THAT is sad because the document and the writings of the founders could NOT be written any clearer.
    While American constitutional loyalists worked and paid taxes, the subversives quietly took offices, Judges seats, and teaching positions. They used YOUR money to teach YOUR kids to hate YOUR country.
    The last generation that was taught ACTUAL history is now being attacked by a virus with “purely coincidental” origins.
    The greatest generation/ with first-hand knowledge of tyranny is all but gone.
    Witness the downfall.

  3. I don’t understand how AG Barr is avoiding this situation. He’s been asked about it, and publicly stated “it’s a travesty”; yet they’re still being persecuted.
    The Soros-backed state attorney should hang, and Trump should pardon the McCloskeys.


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