Adam Schiff Gets Confronted On Capitol Hill; The Question He Got Asked Made Him Sweat Bullets

(Liberty Bell) – House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam “Shifty” Schiff has proven himself time and again to be nothing more than a puppet of the progressive movement’s plan to oust President Trump and effectively cancel out the voice of middle America in the 2016 election, presiding over impeachment proceedings that were the very definition of embarrassing.

Anyone with two fully functioning brain cells could tell that the impeachment hearings were geared toward digging around to try and find something, anything, they could use as an excuse to impeach Trump. They want desperately to boot him from office before the 2020 election, knowing full well they will lose if they have to face him next November.

Well, Schiff finally got a taste of his own medicine, thanks in no small part to America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam, who confronted Shifty Schiff on Capitol Hill, asking him a question that no doubt left him infuriated.

Here’s what happened via Gateway Pundit:

America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam confronted Rep. Adam Schiff on Capitol Hill on Thursday before the Democrat party-line vote to impeach President Trump.

Berguam ran into the serial liar on his way to the cafeteria and asked him, “When you’re brought up for treason, what will your response be then?”

Bergquam told Schiff read Schiff his Miranda Rights!!

Last week Bergquam confronted Jerry Nadler on his way to the elevator!

James D. Schultz put up a rather interesting think piece on CNN — yes, that’s right, the mother of all fake news outlets, just bear with us — that you should check out. Here’s a few bits from that piece on Adam Schiff:

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), has turned what was once a respected committee into one which fosters further public distrust in an already unpopular body of government. His impeachment investigation has little to do with fact-finding and most everything to do with undoing an election.

Pundits have frequently complained that the president has not been afforded due process by Schiff and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). While this criticism might be legally misplaced — due process is not constitutionally guaranteed in the House’s consideration of impeachment — the credibility of the impeachment process has been rightfully questioned.

Schiff presided over a politically-motivated impeachment investigation that is further dividing the country. And he hasn’t had to answer for any part he has played in this fiasco. At least not yet.

Schiff has acknowledged some of the problems in the report released last week by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, on the origins of the Russia investigation and the issuance of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants for a Trump campaign official. But, as the Washington Post points out, Schiff “does not acknowledge his prior role in casting doubt on such claims.”

The IG said he found no intentional misconduct or political bias, even though the report reveals that a nearly two-year-old memofrom Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, written by Schiff, downplayed potential issues with the investigation.

In a memo released in January 2018, Schiff wrote, “FBI and DOJ officials did not ‘abuse’ the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) process, omit material information or subvert this vital tool to spy on the Trump campaign.” He also went on to write that the DOJ “made only narrow use of information from [Christopher] Steele’s sources about [Carter] Page’s specific activities in 2016…”

This “narrow use” of the Steele dossier, however, was crucial to making the decision to secure the FISA order, the IG report released early last week found. Horowtiz writes that “receipt of Steele’s election reporting on September 19, 2016, played a central and essential role in the FBI’s and Department’s decision to seek the FISA order.”

And, alarmingly, the IG report also found there were “17 significant errors or omissions” in the Carter Page FISA applications.

But even if Schiff’s “nothing-to-see-here” approach to the Horowitz report is successful, the ongoing Department of Justice criminal investigation, led by federal prosecutor John Durham, into how the Trump-Russia probe got started, is another matter.

At the end of the day, the conclusion that folks seem to be reaching right now is that Schiff isn’t the kind of man who should be trusted. It certainly seems that the only thing the man cares about is promoting his own career, regardless of who he has to destroy in order to make that happen.



  1. The House Democrats has committed treason in unlawfully and unconstitutionally impeaching President Trump when he’s done nothing wrong that worth impeaching him about. Never Nancy Pelosi, Shifty Adam Schiff, and Nasty Jerrold Nadler among others in the Democrat led House plus Republican Mit Romney are guilty of treason against President Trump and the American people who voted for him in a fair and lawful election. I believe many in Congress are guilty of other crimes as well and also the Obama administration are guilty as well of crimes against a duly elected President Trump. They all need to face justice for their crimes.

  2. I guess it only proves the swamp is bigger than Trump and the American people thought will the Dem’s wake up and vote them out probably not. so sad,Trump is trying so hard to make America Great Again ,but the Dem’s are always trying to stop everything he tries to do. Big question is WHY answer they are crook’s and afraid of loosing all the power and money they can get their hands on including their children

  3. These people have committed Treason against the USA and need to be sent to the gallows. We need TERM Limits and made recto active. If Republicans retake the house and add to senate the first order of Congress should be TERM Limits on house and senate elected officials.

    • President Trump has done NOTHING to warrant being impeached over… it is all made up lies by Schiff and the other democRAT swamp rats… they have been after him since BEFORE he took office… I hope one day, you are accused of something you did not do and you find yourself being lied about and slandered constantly and you are NOT allowed to defend yourself… ALL because your accusers hate you… good luck with it…
      Stop listening to the lies of the democRAT swamp rats and the MSM who refuse to report the truth… the ONLY ones tearing apart this country are the democRAT swamp rats…with their vicious lies and extreme hate…

    • What is true is that Schiff, using phony information, filed and performed a FISA investigation of several Republicans and their aides to obtain information about their communications with each other. The purpose was nothing more than to obtain a negotiating advantage for the ensuing impeachment hearings.

  4. Heard he had immunity is that right , then the rest of the population should contact their representatives file ethics violation against him , make sure we produce the videos to show he is a hypocritical liar.

    • I heard the same thing… it’s appalling that he can lie and slander our president and cannot be sued… That’s crazy… somehow he needs to be brought down for what he has done…. ANYONE who votes these lunatic, lying democRAT swamp rats into office, really must not have a working brain cell…

    • The pedophilia accusations against Schiff are on both Google and Yahoo. The accusations come from people in his home court of California and in some cases, are several years old.

  5. Enough is enough. These traitors to our country need to be brought to justice. Treason and sedition are punishable by death or life in prison. Hate speech is a felony. Come on Justice Department. Haul them off in chains. They keep yammering that no one is above the law yet they conduct themselves as if they were.

  6. From one grunt (USMC 54-57) to another…C Lauderdale… my weapon at the DMZ, Korea, was the old Browning 30 cal light (who ever began calling it “light” obviously never carried it on a forced march…) very well said Sir! At almost 85, I keep my firearms in working order with hopefully enough ammo to dispel any enemy, foreign or domestic. Yes, to you who would laugh at two old (older) guys talking about taking up arms again. You have no idea how quickly we would answer our country’s call to arms. You younger folks – some of you at least – need a good dose of patriotism and a kick in the pants to help you realize that freedom is not free. The country you live in with your I phones, video games, safe places, schools which no longer teach positive values and certainly not the Constitution was bought and paid for with the blood and guts of those whom we followed, and many who are following the same track today. God bless our country, our military, our president, our congress, our police and border patrolmen, citizens everywhere who love this country enough to die for it. Thank you, Charles W Lauderdale! I would love to sit and get acquainted with you some day.

    • ditto from a 77 year old would love to see how a lot of these men ?? would have gone through basic or spending a year along the dmz

    • And from a kid (65+) taught by Real Veteran Parents, not by school counselors teaching socialism instead of Americanism, I learned to respect my country, its flag, my elders, AND my President, I salute you Wayne Baldwin! [I hope you don’t just keep them working, but also can’t help but SMILE when still using them].

  7. We must bring to trial, convict, and sentence to prison schiff, nadler, pelosi , and others, as appropriate, all those who had a significant part in the wholesale lying and corruption in this coup attempt. Their efforts are an outright subversion of our government. If we don’t prosecute to the fullest these traitors, WE are then failing our America.

  8. Time for Pres. Trump to give a journalism 101 class to the nation. Identify fact versus opinion, heresay and assumption versus direct evidence. Redefine libel and slander and push for strict laws governing journalists who fail to identify facts versus opinion. That would go a long way toward solving lots of problems.

  9. We all read a lot about the atrocities the democrats perpetrate AND GET AWAY….
    And, at the end of the day, they still keep getting away with it!!!!!!
    Hey republicans…’s getting old!!!!

  10. Michael, I agree with most of what you said except one small significant point, the coastal elites cannot turn this country into a third world shithole unless the rest of us stand by and let it happen, I for one am not willing to let that happen, I am willing to take up arms to defend this country’s freedoms. And to do what ever is necessary to stop the communist party in their tracks. Are you and yours?.

    • I Agree with you Janyce and there are many more of us who will die to defend our freedom and rights! The democrats have become nothing less than communist’s and we must defend ourselves against them! Our families and future generations depend on this!

    • I’m with you too. If the call goes out, my husband and I will both answer. It seems awfully stupid of the unarmed half of America to pick a fight with the armed half and I get that’s why they’re trying to disarm us, but do they really believe we’re that dumb as to give up our guns like some sort of placidly cud-chewing cow?

    • The problem is, people will still vote for idiots! They can’t see past the BS they’re all talking. All these young people think socialism is great! The same idiots who voted them in office will vote for them again. A good example is the idiots who voted for AOC! I didn’t think anyone could ever be that stupid!

    • Problem is so many of the lunatics on the left, have their heads so far up the butts of the democRAT swamp rats and are allowing them to poison their minds with their vicious lies… They think all the free stuff they are promised are great.. they forget, someone has to pay the price… People who vote these lunatic democRATS into office evidently don’t have a good working brain cell… President Trump has done so much good for the American people since taking office in spite of the constant attacks by the democRATS and the MSM… people on the left, REALLY need to wake up before these democRATs totally destroy our country and drive many more Americans into poverty while they hand our country over to the illegal aliens as they stab the American people in the back and then twist that knife deeper every day….
      These democRATS need to be removed from office and anyone involved in this coup to remove President Trump should be tried for treason and sent to prison… and all the lying media who helped them spread their lies instead of reporting the truth should go down with them..
      The republicans must stand strong with President Trump and bring down the democRAT swamp rats…

    • Yes, indeed. I would rather die than live under communism which the democrats call “democratic socialism”. Socialism is nothing more than a cutesy word for communism. Stand behind our freedoms and our President. The democrats intend to take it away.

  11. We assume nearly all Senators will be present for the hearing on the House’s impeachment – if Nancy ever sends it to the Senate. RBG has presented the perfect resolution: She says that since the Republicans are biased, they should not be judging the impeachment. If they don’t vote it one way or the other and just vote “Present” he will be exonerated without a single one of them voting for it. Article one Section three Clause six: “No person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two thirds of the members present.” With no Republicans voting, the Democrats can’t even get half. And they can’t accuse any Republican of voting to acquit.

    • Francisco Machado: What a great idea! We won’t have to listen to more of their BS about partisan politics (always accuse the other side of what you are doing); except I wouldn’t trust any leftist who has NO HONOR, which means ANY of them, from either aisle.

  12. The whole illegitimate impeachment process has been the Dems and senior never-Trumpers throwing handfuls of schiff against the and seeing anything sticks. So far, no joy.

  13. “The IG said he found no intentional misconduct or political bias”

    This is a false statement.

    The IG said he found no ”documentary evidence” of bias. He also said he found the explanations given for each of the 17 violations were not credible.

    Go back and look it up.

  14. I agree with most of the comments , and would love to see all of those who participated in this treasonous act of impeachment which started the day after the 2016 election, tried and convicted of treason, obstruction of justice, attempted coup on President Trump, and many other crimes. This includes H.R.C, Comey, and dozens of others. I would also like to see the FCC shut down CNN and MSNBC permanently for collusion with all of these traitors. All of the left leaning news media should be punished also.

  15. The circus recently touted as an impeachment hearing was obviously far more an inquisition than a hearing, the denial of any form of due process was blatant and completely unacceptable!
    I served my country for 32 years in the military and to have elected officials act in such a manner is completely unacceptable and they should be held personally accountable for their actions.
    I am personally disgusted and tired of this type of activity, it is depraved and despicable!
    The media should recognize the fact that the vote in the House of Representatives does not constitute Impeachment but it only reflects the vote of the House, until the process has passed thru a trial in the Senate and a conviction be upheld can there be a true distinction of Impeachment!
    Until that time it is all a fairy tale!

    • Sadly, the people in Pelosi and Sciff’s districts and probably all districts in Californica are as dumb and stupid (and there is a difference between the two) as is possible for a human carbon life form to be. Disgusting communists/socialists and as corrupt as any two politicians can be. The Obama regime made a lot of politicians and their kids very wealthy by using the endemic corruption in Ukraine. Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, Romney. AG Barr ought to do some digging into how many more members of Congress’s kids benefited.

  16. Gone from washington, gone from television coverage, gone from the American peoples sight, thats a good start, they wont face any kind of discipline, there are to many of them, this is sad but true, but gone from our lives, and the rest of theirs to live knowing the majority of the American people have forgotten all about them, and make it impossible for them to ever leave this beautiful country of ours, God bless America, God bless our president and God bless the conservatives of this world

  17. I’m sorry but I just feel that that outcome is going to happen. Ming, you sound “dumber then dirt”. Your libraturds are the ones who have screwed up this country and deserve to wallow in the mud and crap they have created in California. In answer to the question “Who would elect Schiff and Pelosi after all of this? Just look to the stupidity in California for your answer! And you can add New York too with Nadler and AOC and of course not to be overlooked, their “fine” Governor Coumo!! See a pattern here? Coastal Elites. They will eventually turn this great nation into a 3rd world shithole like every country that drifted into socialism led radical elitists!

  18. Ming seems to forget that President Clinton was convicted of a real crime. And, it has since come out, participated in suborning a witness. President Trump has committed no crime that has been identified or included in the articles of impeachment. HIs only “crime” seems to be having been elected.

  19. Great job asking tough questions of a supposed congressman! Questions that the cheerleading media won’t ask! We will see if these corrupt liers and traitors will be held accountable for their attempt to change and overthrow the will of freedom loving Americans!

    • He’s from California…… all the libs and the illegal aliens who can vote without being citizens because they can get a drivers license. How convenient.

    • Who will reelect him? All the lunatics who have their heads up the butts of the democRATS and are allowing them to poison their minds with their vicious lies … the MSM helps spread their lies instead of reporting the truth… WAY too many lunatic left who believe the democRATs lies and refuse to listen to facts… That’s who will reelect the lying lunatics…
      People better wake up before they put these democRAT swamp rats back into office and allow them to destroy our country and the American people…

  20. By the comments here, I guess everyone agrees that the Republicans that impeached President Clinton should have been convicted of treason.

    • That was a by partisan decision by Both Democrats and Republicans to impeach Clinton ! Read your history ! Nim rod !

    • BIG DIFFERENCE MING… Clinton DID commit a crime.. Trump has NOT committed any crimes against our country… Clinton’s impeachment was bi-partisan.. Clinton lost his law license because of his crimes…
      YOU CANNOT compare the two.. they are NOT the same… Republican’s didn’t lie about Clinton… DemocRATS ARE lying about Trump…
      you really should stop listening to the vicious lies of the democRATS…

    • Ming – Clinton committed perjury which is criminal. Clinton’s impeachment in the House was a bipartisan vote. The political coup against Trump was a partisan effort by only the democrats. The vote to NOT impeach was bipartisan.


  22. Federal Habeas Corpus to dismiss everything under fruit from the poisonous tree doctrine; will settle the whole wicked process.

    • This should apply and you are right about the fruit from the poisonous tree. No matter what, the impeachment process can not go against the rest of our Constitutional guarantees like Hillary Clinton tried to do when she was on the House Judiciary Committee during the Watergate Investigation overseeing the Nixon Impeachment. She hid evidence with a precedent that showed that President Nixon had the right to counsel. She got caught and was immediately fired after her boss and mentor, Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat stated when asked why, stated “Because she was a liar, she was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentially.” Those were his exact words after he personally fired her. Her last name at the time was Rodham, her maiden name. This is who was Secretary of State and who ran for President and was defeated soundly. This shows who Hillary Clinton really is and why the Democrats of today love her.

  23. Now, is the time for ACTION!!!
    NOT! another lengthy investigation, been there done that…REMINDER: Taxpayer’s have been abused and used….ENOUGH. INDICT, PROSECUTE!
    So WE THE PEOPLE can have our country back for our children and grandchildren! And on that note STOP killing babies!

    • That will happen soon enough. There are many people that are going to be snagged in this operation. You will be amazed at the number of people that will start singing like a bird once the hammer starts to fall (By the way that will be to LATE). So have lots of popcorn on hand it going to be great to watch.

  24. When Schiff is convicted off Treason! As an American who took the oath to take up arms to defend our country, I want to be on the firing squad to take him out! It’s stunning that this SOB has been allowed orchestrate an attempted coup to take down our President. I can’t bare to look at this disgusting SOB! We demand justice and American’s have no problem marching on Washington and putting this evil parasite on trial and if convicted eradicating him.

    • I agrée! However our God is answering our prayers and has put into power someone with the courage to put these scumbags where they belong for now. If that is the hot seat so be it. You can also rest assured that at the judgement they will get their just reward. Keep praying for Mr. Trump and his family

  25. IF a lot of people is not charged and arrested there is no equal law for everyone in this country and we the people should rebel against Washington an get rid of everyone in there and give TRUMP and PENCE the right people to help him. AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED IF JUSTICE IS NOT DONE. I SUGGEST WE ELECT DONALD TRUMP AS KING AND GIVE HIM ABSOULTE CONTROL FOR A PERIOD OF 8 YEARS AND LET HIM CORRECT THIS MESS.

  26. Shifty is not the only one that should worry about a TREASON charge. My whole former Democrat Party has done nothing but turn traitor to the USA, they have done nothing for the past 3 years but hurt this country, obstruct our President in everything he has tried to do to bring this country back. I BELIEVE THAT THEY WOULD BE HAPPY IF RUSSSIA OR CHINA GOT INTO A WAR WITH US. THEY ARE IDIOTS AND I HOPE IF THIS HAPPENS, THEY ARE FORCED ON THE FRONT LINES. WAR IS HELL AND THEY SET IN THEIR PADDED SEATS AND SEND US TO BE KILLED. I AM A KOREAN WAR VET, 51/53 AND THE ONLY PEOPLE I HAVE RESPECT FOR IS TRUMP AND PENCE.

    • Mr. Walter Flatt, Sir, my baseball Cap Comes Off For You And Your/Our US Military Friends, Who Help In Protecting, Serving, And INSECURING THE USA’S BORDERS AND “We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The USA, #45 = The Legally Elected US President Mr. Donald John Trump And The US Constitution, The US Declaration Of Independence And All Other Pertinent US Documents Like The Federalist Papers With Common Sense, To Keep We The Legal Citizens/People And The Legal Immigrants Of The USA Safe, Secure, Prosperous And Happy For Only Our Own Posterity, NOT any Of Those “Illegal Immirant-Aliens” Who Illegally Use The USA’s Southern Border Like It Is A UNSECURED Old Fashioned Department Stores Revolving Front And Back Doors!!!

  27. Schiff considers being a congressman puts himself above the law and the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the American People. If true he should be desigignated an Enemy of the State, a threat to National peace and security, a foreign agent for his connections to Soros, Fusion GPS, and a willing seeker of foreign involvement in our elections. I would love to see comments on suitable treatment and punishment for these crimes against America and humanity. Maybe we need to strengthen the constitutional protections of all Americans and reign in the abuses of the media.

  28. I don’t care what Tom litton says,I want these people arrested and tried and convicted. If we do not do this we are screwed. They will go on and do this crap over and over…


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