Actual Election Results Are Much Different Than What The MSM Is Telling You

(Liberty Bell) – The mainstream media has been on a roll in the last several years, revealing their obvious left-wing bias over and over again in the attacks they have launched against President Donald Trump. For the last four years, all we’ve seen from the likes of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and all the others — Fox News included now — is how awful, racist, and twisted Donald Trump is.

Many of these outlets spent years dedicated to trying to accuse the president of every kind of wrongdoing imaginable, coming out often in favor of the efforts to impeach him, to back up false accusations of Russian collusion, and all sorts of wild and crazy stories they pushed to destroy his reputation and turn as many Americans against him as possible.

And boy, did they ever do a whole lot of damage. Many citizens of our great nation hate our president, but if you dared to ask them why, all they could manage to muster in response is to repeat the same talking points they’ve heard from CNN. It’s brainwashing at its finest. An abuse of the power invested in the press.

That abuse continued on through the presidential election last week, with every main news network being very eager to call states for Joe Biden, while hesitating to do so for Trump, almost grudgingly acknowledging the states he won.

Well, as it turns out, the media isn’t exactly reporting accurate results for the election, having already called the whole thing for Biden, despite the fact there are many lawsuits pending, requests for recounts, and of course, votes still being counted.

According to a new report from The Gateway Pundit, the actual results say President Trump is actually winning the 2020 presidential election.

A number of states in the election are still in question, including Pennsylvania, where despite the counter showing Biden leading, there have been so many accounts of corruption and voter fraud that we might never actually know who legitimately won this state. How sad is that? President Trump was originally up by 70,000 votes, but then millions of more ballots were added that actually turned the tide toward Biden.

Once you account for all of the illegal votes, however, the president has a clear path to the presidency.

The state of Wisconsin also currently has Biden in the lead, but that occurred after more than 100,000 more votes for Biden just happened to pop up in Milwaukee the day after the vote. As of now, the total lead for the former vice president is only 20,000. If the number of votes in Rock County are addressed, it’s likely Trump will also win this state by quite a large margin of votes.

Michigan, too, is full of fraud. Lawsuits are currently in place to try and get many of the instances brought to the attention of the Trump team investigated. There were over 100,000 votes dumped in the city of Detroit, which also caused the president to lose the lead. Again, if the illegal votes are eliminated, Trump wins hands down.

Lots of fraud exists in Nevada and Arizona, though to be fair, Arizona is clearly a mess when it comes to counting votes. Not sure what the problem is there, but something’s not right.

The bottom line here is that if the illegal ballots, those from folks who aren’t actual citizens, along with those that were sent after the voting deadline, were to be removed from the tallies, it would be clear that President Trump is the rightful winner of a second term in the White House.

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  1. How Can Anyone Think Of Voting For Joe Biden When They Have All Kinds Of Proof Of His Crooked Deals With All His Family For 47 Yrs. They Tried To Impeach Trump With No Evidence For 4 Yrs.

  2. Well I’m not going to stop voting because the democrats that’s exactly what they want you to do as a Republican to get so angry that you stop I think you should go into a booth with two witness and a counter and either use the old punch style or voice and be submitted in front of witnesses then stamped and certified right on the spot and I have a valid ID this crap people can not afford an ID is just that crap the welfare office can Regis them to vote they can give them an ID card too hell they give them insurance,housing ,food , child care , cars gas for the cars so they sure as hell can give them an ID it’s not racist to ask someone to have an ID period they use the race card because they have no other card to play and do not know about everyone else but I’m tired of the race card and everyone being labeled by race color and creed we are all Americans period but to Biden and the other criminals we are nothing more then little money machines running around paying taxes which goes into their do nothing for the people idea we know better then you just listen to us we know better then you do so shut up give us your taxes .I have an idea we should all stop paying taxes for six months to a year what could they do to 350 million people who stop can’t jail all of us and what sue us courthouse doesn’t have enough judges would be backlogged for decades

    • I hate your tax idea gets you in trouble. We need taxes to help Trump’s defense bill to keep him out of prison as he is facing many lawsuits.

  3. After this election I absolutely have lost faith that my vote or any vote counts or will count in the future unless it’s for the Democrats this country is going downhill real fast and I feel so bad for the younger generation n my kids they will have no freedom and will live under total control of a party that is so evil and corrupt it’s so scary to even think about it I can only pray but at this point I don’t even think God can help I want to have faith

    • Trump ruined this country Nia, Democrats have saved us, Clinton from the Bush Sr recession, Obama from the Bush Jr recession and Biden will from the mobster Trump who has screwed up the whole country, COVID, the economy, the FBI and CIA, racism as he loves the white supremacists, and the financial crisis of missing money, he stole billions that were supposed to go to the wall. You might be interested in knowing only 3 miles of the wall were built in his 4 years. with many more hundreds of miles not even started.
      P.S. Is Nia a Russian name?

    • This reply is to “Justice for Trump”. What an moronic comment that Trump has ruined this Country. You want to blame one man who has been in any office for less than 4 years. The real problem is that both parties have failed the Country for decades. With that being said, which party has been in control the majority of the last 40 years?

    • I agree these people who say they do not like him because he talk a certain way are the same people who took the benefits from tax cuts and stimulus checks what hypocrites not like they are ever going to have dinner or hang out with the president may not like him but his policies versus weak pathetic sleepy joe is night and day we are more secure with trump with Biden I predict when he lifts the Muslim ban we are attacked in less then 6 months

  4. I quote the President “If you count all the legal votes I easily win” Keep the Faith and be patient and LET IT HAPPEN!
    JoAnne H.

  5. The courts are looking at voter fraud all wrong. Most courts won’t even hear a case of voter fraud unless, who they presume to be the plaintiff (i.e. One of the candidates in the race) is able to show that the fraud may have a chance of changing the outcome. In other words that the crime caused harm to the plaintiff.
    This way of looking at voter fraud must end. Every instance of voter fraud (even 1 vote) has a profound negative effect on many voters. The real plaintiff here is each and every American voter. How do you put a price on a lifetime of having no faith in the system, the depression and anxiety of knowing your voice will never be heard and you will be forced to live under the rules of a party that doesn’t care about you, but only about power, your freedoms eroded?
    All it takes is 1 fraudulent vote anywhere in the country and my vote has just been nullified. I don’t care if it doesn’t change the results of the election. I don’t care if it effects the results of my town, precinct, county or state election. That’s not the point. At the end of the day when all the votes are counted and totaled, I want my vote to have sent a message to my leaders. My vote counts, or, at least it should. Sadly, for the past few decades, I seriously doubt it has ever counted in any election because, as we all know, fraud exists, it happens in every election and we’ve all accepted that for years. We don’t have to accept it and we shouldn’t. Every case should be heard, every case tried, and every proven case should result in consequences. If you can’t track down the specific individual who cast the fraudulent vote, hold the state or the state AG office accountable. Someone needs to be held accountable and there needs to consequences for every case reported no madder how small. One case is too many.
    The big problem we have here is that the liberals always claim there’s no fraud or very little fraud. Conservatives all know that’s not true. The liberals claim there’s no evidence of it systemically over time. That’s because they are all small cases, many, many small cases, so they never get recorded, they just get dismissed, every single time! We must start keeping record of every single case, alleged, and proven or dis-proven.
    Is it not suspicious to the people and judges across this country that when dead people vote, they always seem to vote for democrats? Is it not suspicious to the people and judges that computer glitches and miscounts always seem to benefit democrats? Enough is enough, no more “acceptable level” of fraud, because it’s only an acceptable level until it’s not. We need voter I.D. and an assurance of 1 citizen 1 vote.

  6. Great ! DOJ May have scared all the states into doing the right thing rather than being pushed by the Democrats to handle the voting process illegally. Biden and his staff should be prosecuted!


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